About Me

I am a long time programmer with 10+ years experience in the industry, and currently employed by a .com that works in the trucking industry. I am happily married with no kids. I enjoy warm climates and a good movie, or book. If you follow the link to my blog you will see I enjoy language learning, and travel way to much.

About This Site

This site is my personal presence on the web, and my playground. If you find use from something here, great. If not, thanks for stopping by. I will post some of my side projects here, and maybe at some point a Resume. I'm constantly trying to keep in practice and update my software development skills. This website is one way for me to practice, and to give me easy access to some of my side projects.

Frequency List

Frequency list is a little project I created to quickly analyze the frequency of a character or word in a chunk of text. When I ported it to this site I added UTF-8 support so that I could also use it to analyze bodies of Chinese words. Frequency List is fairly light dependency wise. It uses Encode, List::Util, and the utf8 pragma. It also uses MooseX::Declare.

At some point in the future I plan to add CSV download support, and change the way the tables are generated.

Technologies behind this site

I picked Perl 5 becase it holds a special place in my heart. I use Perl 5 at work and for side projects all the time. Without learning Perl 5, I don't know if I would have stayed a programmer. It took away a lot of the torture that C/C++ inflicted upon me and just let me get things done.

I used Catalyst MVC for the main site, along with template toolkit for the Template engine. For a site like this the MVC is overkill, but I wanted to accomplish two things with using it. First this framework gives me a public place to point and say, "See, I have Catalyst up and running over here." Six plus years experience on a resume is nice, but something to point at is better. Second I hope that over time this site will grow into it. I want to add old projects, and new that would benifit from catalyst.

I chose Digital Ocean for the VPS. It's been around three years since I set this site up, and I am still happy with them. I have upgraded a few times, and it has always gone smoothly. Their support when I have had issues has been promnt and kind. Also them telling me, unprompted and honestly about accidental overcharges, and outages has been refreshing.